The Empathy Toy on CBC TV

Learning 21st century skills by playing games—and how the Empathy Toy is being embraced by everyone from students to CEOs—takes centre stage on CBC’s Our Toronto with Marivel Taruc.


How the Game Works

Meet the Empathy Toy! Each toy piece has a different shape and texture. One player starts with a pattern of assembled puzzle pieces, and everyone works together to recreate the same puzzle-shape with the matching pieces! But wait – there's an unexpected challenge…


The Empathy Toy Origin‑Story

It all started as a student project with a very specific assignment: design a navigational aid for the blind. Discover the history of the Empathy Toy in this early-days Tedx Talk from Twenty One Toys Founder, and Empathy Toy Inventor, Ilana Ben-Ari.

Getting Started

What's the difference between the 3 versions of Empathy Toy? Find the answer to this, and other common questions about the Empathy Toy, in the Getting Started section of! Review all you need to know to get up-and-running with your Empathy Toy for work. Learn the ins-and-outs of getting started with your Empathy Toy for school. Or pick up the basics for playing with your Empathy Toy for home. Ready? Let's start playing!

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Our knowledge base of Empathy Toy resources is here for you to explore! From videos explaining each of the Empathy Toy sets and kits, to webinars with experts from our Empathy Toy community – you'll find something to inspire your work‑and‑play with the Empathy Toy in the Resources section of!

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Forward-thinking facilitators, resourceful educators, and ambitious parents in over 45 countries are using the Empathy Toy to change their worlds. Read more about their individual struggles and successes in our Empathy Toy Community Stories. While you're there, find Twenty One Toys on social media to join our community and connect with other players like you!

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What's New

The Empathy Toy is in the news! Check out the latest press on the game that's "shaping classrooms of the future" [Time Magazine, 2014]! Alongside all the amazing things people are saying about the toy in the media, you'll find notes on all the latest improvements and updates to

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A Mid-Year Update

We’re breaking records and temporarily out of Empathy Toys!