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Professional Development Workshop with the Empathy Toy with Peel District School Board in Ontario

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Why host an Empathy Toy® Workshop?

"When we talk about the qualities we want in people, empathy is a big one. If you can empathize with people, then you can do a good job. If you have no ability to empathize… Everything becomes harder.” – Stewart Butterfield, Founder of Slack, Co-Founder Flickr

The ability to clearly understand each other is what allows us to creatively communicate, collaborate and solve problems. An Empathy Toy® workshop is a chance to learn about your fellow players, and to identify specific communication styles, behaviours, and mindsets that foster understanding.

Expertly facilitated and tailored to the unique learning goals of your team, each workshop is a highly impactful introduction to developing the skill of empathy in the workplace.

90-minute Workshop – “Intro to Empathy in Your Team”

This hands-on session uses the Empathy Toy® to help participants assess and start refining their collaborative style. Over the course of two rounds of immersive gameplay, participants will have multiple opportunities to draw connections between game outcomes and the collaborative strategies needed for success in their own work.

3-hour Workshop – “Empathy, Innovation, and Collaboration”

This highly engaging workshop reveals the intimate connection between empathy, innovation, and collaboration. Twenty One Toys will take you through an evolving series of game scenarios and facilitated discussions that will lead you to practical insights about how you can increase the level of understanding, creativity, and cooperation in your team.

Every workshop includes:

  • 30-minute pre-workshop consultation
  • 30-minute post-workshop call to review key insights
  • Post-workshop resources to help participants continue building on their insights and application ideas


Empathy Toy® Workshops

  • Group Size Group sizes can range from 5 participants, up to 300 or more. We keep our facilitator to participant ratio at 1 for every 25 participants.
  • Location We are based in Toronto, Canada, but our facilitators are happy to travel to play with teams around the world.
  • Timing Our workshops are typically 90 minutes or 3 hours but we can accommodate custom timing of 60-minutes, 2-hours, half-day, and even full-day workshops.

“I have seen first hand the powerful impact the Empathy Toy has had on our leaders at Bank of Montreal.”

“Without fail, when I would ask someone about their favorite session, the Empathy Toy was constantly referenced.”

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3 CEOs Using Empathy to Unlock Innovation

“Empathy is Key to Innovation”

“Empathy makes you a better innovator. My passion is to put empathy at the center of everything I pursue — from the products we launch, to the new markets we enter, to the employees, customers and partners we work with.” — Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Allison Sharpe,
Director Donor Engagement & Stewardship, United Way

“Since adding The Empathy Toy to our onboarding agenda, we have found that these teams have more success working through challenges together and can better support our volunteers and stakeholders”

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