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    Build closer teams that communicate better. See the benefits of adding play to your workday.

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Empathy is an Essential Skill

Twenty One Toys workshops have been built with your team in mind. We use toys to engage your team and help develop an appreciation for empathy in the workplace.

We offer a variety of ready-to-go, professional development workshops and can tailor them for online, in-person or hybrid work environments.

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Meet the Empathy Toy®



The Empathy Toy® is a collaborative puzzle game that can only be solved when players learn to understand each other.

Each game is expertly facilitated to uncover insights into how you and your team communicate, in as little as 90 minutes.

  • How it works

    Before your workshop

    We book a 30 minute consultation to establish your key goals and themes for the session.

    During your workshop

    Your team will go through a series of evolving games to explore how you collaborate. Facilitators will then debrief based on your goals.

    After your workshop

    Your whole team will leave with fresh insights into your communication styles tangible insights into creating better interactions.

  • Team Takeaways

    Twenty One Toys has proven success in transforming the way team members interact within their working environment.

    Organizations have found employees to be more:

    • Collaborative and responsive to feedback.
    • Engaged and excited to work together.
    • Deeply rooted in company core values.
    • Able to identify and work through the communication limitations of remote working.
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Clients & Testimonials

  • Brian Teefy
    Vice President
    StrategyCorp Inc

    “It was the highlight of the day and, more importantly, I am hearing conversations in meetings like, 'I realized when we played that game at the offsite that no one knows where I’m coming from. So here is where I’m coming from.' And those conversations are making our meetings more effective.”

  • Gemma Mendez-Smith
    Executive Director
    Four County Labour Market Planning Board

    “The workshop gave our team lots of opportunity to debrief our thoughts, feelings, and understandings which allowed us to have tools to implement immediately.”

  • Tom Babinszki
    Vice President of Accessibility
    Essential Accessibility

    “Your training is so inclusive, not only because your team is willing to work with different situations, but because it is built in a way that it truly promotes inclusion. I have learned a lot from the training, even though I have lead empathy sessions before, and I have been around accessibility and inclusion for some 25 years, I got new ideas and new angles of thinking which I was able to implement immediately. Thank you so much for putting it together, it was amazing.”

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