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Join us for our NEW Failure Toy® Workshops

In this highly experiential workshop, your team will explore the challenges and opportunities that come with failure.

Through multiple rounds of gameplay with the Failure Toy®, participants will explore the way they experiment, iterate, approach problems, and respond to failure. Each game builds off the last, and players must balance risk with opportunity, short-term with long-term goals, and repeatable strategies with innovative approaches.

Between games, expertly facilitated debrief discussions allow players to start identifying the conditions that allow their team to more effectively prepare for challenges, address risk, and benefit from trying new things that may not work as planned.

Participants will leave the workshop with a fresh understanding of the opportunities that come from strategically embracing failure as part of their process, and equipped with the confidence to continue exploring this essential tool for innovation.

This workshop comes with:

  • 30-minute pre-workshop consultation
  • 30-minute post-workshop call to review key insights


Failure Toy® Workshops

  • Group Size Ideal for groups between 6 - 200 participants.
  • Location We are based in Toronto, Canada, but our facilitators are happy to travel to play with teams around the world.
  • Timing Failure Toy® Workshops are highly customized, and typically run between 90 mins and 3 hours.

First Attempt in Learning: Why Failure is Key to Innovation

“Failure is Key to Innovation”

When employees feel safe trying new things, sharing mistakes, and offering ideas, they’re better equipped to be innovative in their work.

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