Play the Empathy Toy® Online with us!

While we're physically distanced from each other, connection is important – now more than ever – and we want to connect with you! We're so grateful to have so many educators, facilitators, parents, consultants, coaches and leaders who believe in the power of empathy and play in our global community, but we've never been able to get them all to play together, until now!

We're hosting Empathy Toy® Global Play Sessions twice a month so that members of our community can take time to play the Empathy Toy® together, share insights, and connect with other people who are looking to make the internet and the world a more playful and empathic place.

Each call has limited availability so you should sign up to make sure you get a seat!

You don't have to have a toy to play (but it's more fun if you do!) If you have an Empathy Toy® already, we'd love to have you bring it to the call! If you don't have one yet but would like one for the call, you can order one of our Facilitator's Kits or Teacher's Kits, which are also perfect if you'd like a set to use once everyone can play in person again.

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