The Empathy Toy Facilitator’s Kit

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Your Empathy Toy starter-kit for facilitators in organizations

Lovingly referred to as "facilitation in a box", our Facilitator's Kit comes with detailed materials that, when combined with your own creative approach, generate rich discussions about the role of empathy and communication in the workplace.

Get ready to unlock insights for improved performance, smoother collaboration, and more authentic employee engagement when you use the Facilitator's guidebook to create your own work and life skills games for training & development with the Empathy Toy!

  • 52+ game scenarios
  • Good for teams of 3–20
  • (ideal group size is 5–10)
2 Toy Sets (20 pieces)
1 Facilitator's Guidebook
Ways to Play map with 9 plug-and-play game templates
4 Blindfolds
2 Drawstring Bags for offsite sessions
  • Ideal for ages 16 - 99
  • 2 Toy Sets in 1 Kit
  • Good for teams of 3-20 players
  • 52+ game scenarios

Facilitator’s Guidebook Preview

  • Play at Work Page 3

  • Table of Contents Page 4

  • Empathy as the Foundation of Innovation Page 6

  • Toys as Tools for Facilitation Page 9

  • Workshop Themes: Collaborative CommunicationPage 54