The Empathy Toy® on CBC's Our Toronto

"They are called 21st-century skills, or soft skills. Maybe you've heard the term, people skills – the ability to interact socially and harmoniously with others. Not always the skills companies focused on when hiring. But that's changing quickly and over at the Centre for Social Innovation, where a local toy company has created a game that's teaching an important soft skill: empathy."

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The Empathy Toy® at TEDxConcordia

It all started as a student project with a very specific assignment: design a navigational aid for the blind. Address the key questions of, "Where am I? Where am I going? How do I get there?" ...and how a visually impaired person might get others to help them answer them.

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How did a toy startup go from idea to reality?

There's more to this toy story than meets the eye… Explore our origin story to see all the steps, press, and awards that got Twenty One Toys and the Empathy Toy® to where we are today.

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