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Get your clients talking (and laughing) about empathy, communication, problem-solving, and more with the Empathy Toy Facilitator's Kit.


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Explore a wide range of topics, including change management, diversity and inclusion, leadership, and user experience to name a few!


Creative, engaging, and sure to keep clients coming back for more, this kit allows you to stand out in a sea of facilitators.


A hands-on, interactive tool for facilitating learning. This kit makes learning soft skills fun, easy and enjoyable.

Introducing the Empathy Toy® Facilitator's Kit

Get ready to upgrade your toolbox with everything you need to deliver impactful workshops that help strengthen teams, illustrate company values, and foster authentic employee engagement.


1 Facilitator's Guidebook
52+ game scenarios
2 Toy Sets (20 pieces)
A “Ways to Play” map with 9 plug-and-play game templates
4 Blindfolds
2 Drawstring Bags for offsite sessions

Combined with your own creative approach and unique training style, the Empathy Toy has everything you need to impress your clients and deliver highly impactful workshops. Each kit comes with our comprehensive guidebook, which includes information on how to use the toy to explore a wide range of themes. The Empathy Toy also has benefits for players no matter their role or career stage; everyone from interns to C-Suite executives can participate in the rich discussions, and have fun too!

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“A tremendously versatile tool for personal and organizational development [...] help in the development of empathy, but also [...] a catalyst for deep discussions on communication, team dynamics, problem solving, and a wide variety of other issues facilitators may wish to highlight.”

Drew, Facilitator

“Since adding The Empathy Toy to our on-boarding agenda, we have found that these teams have more success working through challenges together and can better support our volunteers and stakeholders.”

Allison, Director

“An enlightening experience that challenges preconceived notions and opens one-self to new perceptions.”

Maryn, Senior Manager

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The Empathy Toy®

Lovingly referred to as "facilitation in a box", our Empathy Toy comes with detailed materials that, when combined with your own creative approach, generate rich discussions about the role of empathy and communication in the workplace.


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Absolutely! Your expertise as a facilitator is one of your greatest strengths. Combined with your unique facilitation style and experience, the Empathy Toy will help you to bring out insights about collaboration and communication in a tangible way.

One Empathy Toy Facilitator's Kit is good for up to 20 players. For a more high-touch experience, you may want to purchase one Empathy Toy Facilitator’s Kit for every 10-16 players.

All kits include 2 toy sets (20 pieces), a Facilitator’s Guidebook, a Ways to Play map with 9 plug-and-play game templates, 4 blindfolds, and 2 drawstring bags for organization and portability.

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Every Empathy Toy Facilitator’s Kit comes with a guidebook that has everything you need to start playing right out of the box! We’re currently updating our training offerings but in the meantime, you can get playing as soon as your toy is delivered.

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