The Empathy Toy™ Executive’s Team Kit

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$699 USD

A bundle of 3 Empathy Toy Facilitator's Kits

Our Executive's Team Kit is a "facilitation in a box" with enough resources to run Empathy Toy workshops for up to 60 people.

It's deceptively easy to work on training & development with your team when you're playing social skills games and having fun! Plus using the multiple toy sets included allows you to stage complex, multi-player games which reveal rich insights about the role of empathy within workplace collaboration and communication.

  • 52+ game scenarios
  • Good for teams of up to 60 players
6 sets (60 toy pieces) for up to 60 players
18 blindfolds for players
3 Facilitator's Guidebooks
Ways to Play map with 9 plug-and-play game templates
travel totes for off-site sessions
  • Ideal for ages 16 - 99
  • 6 Toy Sets in 3 Kits
  • Good for teams of 10-60 players
  • 52+ game scenarios

Facilitator’s Guidebook Preview

  • Play at Work Page 3

  • Table of Contents Page 4

  • Empathy as the Foundation of Innovation Page 6

  • Toys as Tools for Facilitation Page 9

  • Workshop Themes: Collaborative CommunicationPage 54