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Empathy is an essential skill for all collaboration, and is particularly important when that collaboration takes place online. Our Online Empathy Toy® Workshops are an opportunity to practice tangible skills for improving agility, resilience, communication, and collaboration, building understanding among your remote team members.

Delivered through video conference, these highly interactive sessions allow your team to play together with the Empathy Toy® from anywhere in the world. Through a series of expertly facilitated and laughter-filled games, you and your colleagues will come to better understand each other’s online collaboration style and identify tangible behaviours that will allow you to get the most out of your online interactions.

Workshop topics include:

  • Resilience and Teambuilding: Connect with remote team members and draw strength from the ideas and laughter you will share together in this unique online experience.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Practice and refine practical techniques for making your team's online interactions more nuanced and empathic.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Understand and leverage the diverse approaches to online work taken by each member of your team.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Identify opportunities for creative problem solving within the constraints provided by online interactions.


Online Empathy Toy® Workshops

  • Workshop Timing: Typical workshops run for 90mins, but can be as short as 45mins.
  • For Groups Big and Small: Our workshops are great for teams as small as 3 and as large as 60+.
  • Get Toys to Keep: You may use your own Empathy Toys, or purchase Empathy Toy® Teacher's Kits or Empathy Toy® Facilitator's Kits for your workshop. The sets are yours to keep for future sessions.
  • Tailor the Workshop to Your Team: Choose from one of our workshop themes and then connect with our team in a 30 minute pre-workshop consultation to identify the specific needs of your team. We'll tailor your session accordingly, and send you a summary of your team's insights after the workshop.
  • Connect Your Global Team: As long as all of your players have a computer with a webcam and internet access, they can join from any timezone!
  • Play Once or Keep Playing: Our Empathy Toy® Online Workshops work as standalone sessions, but are even more powerful when delivered as part of an ongoing series.

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Empathy Toy® Online Workshop Options

If you're looking for a playful way to have a conversation about empathy, creativity, and communication, but are working with a limited budget, our Light Online Empathy Toy® Workshops are a way to give your team a taste of the fun! Start a conversation or set the stage for more play in the future.

  • Recommended for groups of 15+ with 1 facilitator and 1 toy to keep for each group of 15
  • Light Workshops start at $1,625
  • Expand your workshop to include 60+ players by adding additional facilitated breakout groups and toys

Whether you're looking to help your team stay connected when working remotely, support a conversation about diversity and inclusion at your company, or improve the communication of your management team, our Standard Online Empathy Toy® Workshops are a great option to get your team started! This is a way to introduce this critical 21st Century Skill to your organization, and get a few toys to keep for future games.

  • Recommended for groups of 10+ with 1 facilitator and 2 toys to keep for each group of 10
  • Standard Workshops start at $1,750
  • Expand your workshop to include 60+ players by adding additional facilitated breakout groups and toys

The Premium Online Empathy Toy® Workshop is great for smaller teams looking for a high touch experience. Every participant will have their own Empathy Toy to keep and a new expert facilitator for each new group of 10. The Premium workshop option is great to ensure that each participant gets a rich and personalized experience and sets your team up for recurring Empathy Toy® Workshops! Ideal for teams of 3+.

  • Recommended for groups of 3+ with 1 toy to keep for each player, and 1 facilitator for each group of 10
  • Premium Workshops are $275 per person, starting at $875
  • Workshops require at least 3 players, but can easily be expanded to include 30+ players

Eileen Kennedy,
Economic Development Officer and Film Liaison
Regional Municipality of Durham

"I appreciated the insightful, playful and creative exercise and know it will be helpful in my work and personal relationships. Thank you for facilitating."

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