The future of work is human.

Bringing your team's core values to life begins with play. Cultivating a culture that fosters resilience and innovation begins by exploring how your team reacts to failure.

Meet The Failure Toy®

The Failure Toy® is a game of balance, exprimentation, and a whole lot of laughter.

In under 2 hours, players gain powerful insights into how they react to risk, feedback, competition, and the expectations of their teammates.

Failure happens - let's talk about it.

Gaining insights on how to anticipate, navigate, and cope with failure will support your team in...

  • Building their EQ muscle
  • Practicing how to give and receive feedback
  • Exploring how they approach risks & rewards
  • Understanding the role of failure in design & innovation
  • Defining what success means (goal setting)

Your Failure Toy® Online Workshop.

Before your workshop

Failure is as complex as the individuals who experience it. We book a 30 minute consultation to establish your key goals and themes for the session.

During your workshop

Your team will go through a series of games to explore the dynamics of failure. Facilitators will then lead a debrief centred around your specific goals and theme.

After your workshop

Your team will leave with fresh insights into your relationship with failure and specific ideas for building a healthier relationship with it.

Loved By

Sherri Griffiths
Regional Vice President Business Banking

“The Failure Toy® workshop was a great experience for our teams. The hands on experience is an eye opener on how you feel about risk and failure and how this impacts ourselves and our teams. I would highly recommend this workshop!”

Kathy Smart
Toronto Finance International

“Twenty One Toys did a fantastic job...the Empathy Toy and Failure Toy workshops were far and beyond what we had expected and the participants got so much our of them. The games are powerful, and the facilitation is exceptional.

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