In-Person Training in Toronto

Get the training and hands-on support that you need to design your own Empathy Toy workshops and lessons!

This full-day of training is broken down into two sections:

Immersion: During the first half of the day, a Twenty One Toys facilitator will take you through the Empathy Toy fundamentals, building blocks, various game setups, case studies, and debrief discussions.

Design: During the second half of the day you will collaborate with Twenty One Toys to prototype Empathy Toy workshop ideas that fit the unique needs of your clients. After you leave the training, you will have multiple opportunities to test and iterate on these ideas with support from our community.

In-Person Training in Toronto

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In-Person Training in Toronto

After training concludes, participants walk away with:

  • Workshop Building Block downloads Build on your afternoon of design with templates and guides to best implement the Empathy Toy into your work.
  • Follow-up consultation Ask questions and receive customized feedback on your workshop ideas in a 21-minute call or Skype with a Twenty One Toys facilitator.


Morning (Immersion)

  1. 9:30

    Intros and Overview

  2. 9:45

    Group Ideation and Play!

    Intro to “basic gameplay”, set-up, debrief

  3. 10:45


  4. 11:00

    More Play!

    Game modifications, and building blocks on creating custom workshops with larger groups, multiple games, and richer debriefs.

  5. 12:00

    Lunch (provided)

Afternoon (Design)

  1. 1:00

    Intro to Empathic Design

    Learn and apply design techniques to start crafting Empathy Toy applications that fit the unique needs of your team.

  2. 3:00

    Sharing our Game Designs

    Share ideas with the group, ideate, iterate.

  3. 4:00

    Closing Thoughts

    An overview of your Empathy Toy™ Kit, and online resources. Congratulations! You are now officially part of the world’s first community of toy educators and facilitators.

We work with your team at your location. Supported by custom consultations both before and after the training, we’ll spend the day helping you design the Empathy Toy into your next workshop or program.

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