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    Empathy is the comerstone of effective teamwork

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Empathy is an Essential Skill for In-Person,
Remote or Hybrid Working Environments

This professional development workshop has been designed with colaboration in mind. The Empathy Toy® is a blindfolded puzzle game that can only be solved when players leam to understand each other. Each game is expertly facilitated to uncover insights into how you and your team communicate, al in less than 2 hours.

We offer a combination of ready-to-go, professional development workshops to suit online, in-person or hybrid work environments. Book a call today to see how we can help.

  • How it works

    Before your workshop

    We book a 30 minute consultation to establish your key goals and themes for the session

    During your workshop

    Your team will go through a series of evolving games to explore how you collaborate. Facilitators will then debrief based on your goals

    After your workshop

    Your whole team will leave with fresh insights into your communication styles tangible insights into creating better interactions.

  • Team Takeaways

    Twenty One Toys has proven success in transforming the way team members interact within your working environment.

    Organizations have found employees to be more:

    • Collaborative and responsive to feedback.
    • Engaged and excited to work together.
    • Deeply rooted in company core values.
    • Able to identify and work through the communication limitations of remote working
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Clients & Testimonials

  • Sherri Griffiths
    Regional Vice President Business Banking

    “The Failure Toy® workshop was a great experience for our teams. The hands on experience is an eye opener on how you feel about risk and failure and how this impacts ourselves and our teams. I would highly recommend this workshop!”

  • Kathy Smart
    Toronto Finance International

    “Twenty One Toys did a fantastic job...the Empathy Toy and Failure Toy workshops were far and beyond what we had expected and the participants got so much our of them. The games are powerful, and the facilitation is exceptional.”

  • Jane Evans
    BMO Financial Group

    “[Thanks to Twenty One Toys] we've been able to demonstrate the direct connection between empathy and customer loyalty and financial results - there is a chain and sequence that's important there. We've been able to demonstrate within our company that the value chain exists, and perhaps more importantly, we believe it.”