We’ve launched Corporate Certification to deliver
Online Empathy Toy® Workshops!

Are you a facilitator at an organization that has empathy as a top priority or core value? Get certified to deliver Online Empathy Toy® Workshops to teams across your organization and join our global cohort of facilitators using gorgeous wooden toys and online games to unlock powerful insights and deep discussions on the role of empathy, resilience, and communication in today’s online remote world.

  • The pricing in the video is specifically for early adopters and is only guaranteed until March 2021. If you're curious about what this could look like for your team, get in touch to discuss certification details, dates, and pricing.
  • This certification is ideal for organizations that have at least 2 in-house facilitators and are planning to deliver Online Empathy Toy® workshops to at least 180 people in the next year.
  • If you are looking to deliver workshops at a smaller scale, our team is happy to help with that! Get in touch with our team for details, pricing, and availability.

“Empathy is easiest when everything is going according to plan – but at its most valuable when it’s not. I hope you can join us to spread this essential skill at a time when the world needs it most.”

– Ryan Burwell, Director of Training & Facilitation at Twenty One Toys

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Heidi Schwartz,
Brand Manager at Royal Bank of Canada

“As an employee of RBC we are encouraged to always be learning, and it’s not just about taking exams or passing courses, it’s about learning as humans. Now more than ever, the world is in need of empathy, resilience and creativity so last night I joined an Empathy Toy Global Play Group for my personal development. It was so great to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world to learn and practice empathy in an environment of play. Thank you Twenty One Toys for including me in the virtual session, you are bang on with your age limit age: 6 to CEO! A mind that stops learning stops growing, thank you for helping me grow and continue the journey of leading with empathy and care.”