5 ways educators are unlocking empathy through play

See inspirational examples of educators improving social skills, learning, and communication in 21st Century classrooms.


Empathy improves our ability to foster strong relationships, improve social behaviors, become great leaders, and have a positive impact on the world.

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Engaging students of all subjects, ages, and abilities just got easier, thanks to The Empathy Toy®. We know that convincing decision-makers in educational settings to put aside some of their already-stretched budgets isn’t easy – until they see the benefits that encouraging empathy can have in the classroom, and the wider world.

See how educators have implemented The Empathy Toy® to help students understand one another better, overcome issues in the classroom, and even improve their wider skills in subjects like STEM, business, language arts, leadership and more.

See case studies from real classrooms on:

Social & Emotional Learning

Design Thinking & Innovation

Bullying and conflict resolution

STEM, business, language arts and more

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Get inspired with empathy success stories

“The Empathy Toy® is a powerful tool that allows for play-based learning. What blew me away was the variety of applications for the toy in fostering not only empathy but also collaboration, communication and connection to name a few.”

Golnaz G, Sheridan College

"The Empathy Toy® is still one of the best tools I have acquired for creating experiences that provoke insights about empathy. It’s the best tool I've ever used for helping students understand each other.”

Heidi Siwak, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

“Twenty-One Toy's products create an opportunity to apply important career skills for students in the areas of communication, empathy, leadership, and collaboration."

Emily Milic, Seneca College

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