Want to Bring 21Leaders to Your School?

After the incredible story of the 21Leaders from the Winnipeg School Board, and thanks to the ArchAngel Moonshot prize, we are ready to accept nominations for the first cohort of 21Leaders schools.

Are you a teacher or know an exceptional teacher? Applications are now open, until December 21st, 2018 to be considered for the first cohort of 21Leaders schools.

Reducing Bullying with 21 Leaders & The Empathy Toy®


  • Recommended for grades 7–12.
  • 10–30 students per cohort.
  • 1 lead educator at your school. This teacher, guidance counselor or administrator will take on the role of organizing, inspiring, and guiding the 21Leaders leaders with the support of a Twenty One Toys' facilitator and other 21Leaders teachers.
  • Time commitment includes 1 Full Day of In-Person Teacher Training and ongoing online lessons including workshop challenges for students and teachers, delivered over 1–2 school terms (4–8 months).
  • 21Leaders can be launched as part of a course or as an extracurricular activity. As this is our first year, we can co-create a schedule that works for your school.
  • The program includes Empathy Toy®s, custom sketchbooks, access to our online portal and community.

As members of the 21Leaders community, students will have frequent opportunities to refine the communication, collaboration and leadership skills that are critical for success in the 21st century. As they practice these skills they will be enriching all of those around them.

Apply today to lead this exciting program and let's build the next generation of empathic leaders.

The Impact of 21Leaders at Your School

21Leaders is a community of teachers and students committed to increasing empathy in their schools and beyond. Using the Empathy Toy® and a toolkit of facilitation techniques, your school will be paired with a Twenty One Toys facilitator who will work with a group of students and their teacher, over the course of a school year, to lead laughter-filled experiences that increase dialogue and understanding amongst their peers, teachers and neighbours. Upon completion of the program, your teacher will receive recognition of their teacher training and the cohort of students will each receive a formal letter signed by their peers, teacher, and the inventor of the Empathy Toy®, Ilana Ben-Ari. This tangible record of each student’s commitment to empathic leadership can be used as part of applications for jobs and post-secondary education. Together, we will build stronger communities based on understanding, inclusion, and creative collaboration.

“Empathy is a Key Job Skill”

Our partners around the world are diverse and include schools and fortune 500 companies. The one thing they all agree on is that Empathy is the number one job skill they look for.

Nominations now open

APPLY TODAY and find out if your school is eligible to start their own 21Leaders Program