Art, Science and the Brain: New Models of Learning for the 21st Century

Re-imagining our education system for the 21st century

Art Science and the Brain: New Models of Learning for the 21st Century was held at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Ontario on Monday, October 31 to Tuesday, November 1, 2011.

"The Conference featured some of the most innovative educational thinkers and entrepreneurs in Canada and the US; creating a space where art and science-based learning collided to produce new modes of collaborative thinking. Teachers, administrators and Ministry consultants joined educational entrepreneurs, education foundations and publishing companies to discuss how to re-imagine our education system for the 21st century."

Dr. Mariale Hardiman discussing the key 21st Century Skills


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mariale Hardiman, Johns Hopkins University

What Happens When Neuroscience and Education Collide?

Mariale Hardiman, Ed.D. is the Assistant Dean for Urban School Partnerships and Chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at The Johns Hopkins University School of Education. She also led the School of Education as interim dean from January through September 2010. Her research and publications focus on enhancing educational practices through techniques that foster innovation and creative problem-solving for all students. Below are a few photographs of her presentation.

Other presentations included:

  • Empathy as a Life Skill - Moderator: Dr. Howard Esbin, Founder, Heliotrope; Orlando Bowen Executive Director, One Voice One Team; Lorna Blumen, Co-creator, Girls Respect Groups; Taylor Gunn, Co-founder and Chief Election Officer of Student Vote; Nadir Shirazi, President, CEO & Founder, Multifacet Diversity Solutions Ltd
  • Mind the Imagination: Exploring Creativity in Depth - Dr. Austin Clarkson, Professor Emeritus, York University; Director, The Milkweed Collective, Pat McPhail, Assistant Director/Program Administrator, The Milkweed Collective
  • The Lost Art of Building Things - Moderator: Mohan Nadarajah, Founder & CEO, PlayLab; Jonathan Guberman, Co-founder, Site 3 coLaboratory; Chris Perivolaris, Teacher Advisor, East York Collegiate Robotics Team
  • How Do We Define Success? - Moderator: Annie Kidder, Executive Director, People for Education; Cécile Arsenault, ArtsSmarts PEI; Amy Coupal, Curriculum Services Canada; Dr. Edmond J. Dixon, Director, KEEN Differentiated Learning Group; Norman Rowen, Founder, Pathways to Education

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