A Few of Our Favourite Things: December 2022

As we wrap up 2022, the Twenty One Toys Team wanted to share a few things that got us thinking this month. Check out this monthly food for thought!

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12 Designers Share Their Creative Resolutions for 2023 

As a team led by a designer, we’re curious about what these creatives are planning for next year. From embracing a beginner’s mindset to speaking up more in meetings, these twelve designers have a wide range of resolutions for the coming year. 


“It's often outside our comfort zones that we have the greatest learning opportunities. So, let's learn to embrace the uncomfortable moments, challenge the status quo, and be brave."

- Alex Normanton, Global Brand Experience at Reckitt
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Why the New Learning Economy Plus Development Equity is a Successful Formula

While the world of work has been disrupted significantly over the last two years, the World Economic Forum has some ideas about how business leaders can succeed. It takes a combination of investment in continuous professional development, and ensuring that growth opportunities are especially provided to historically underrepresented groups within companies.

“Business leaders often bemoan a “pipeline problem” when recruiting or promoting candidates from diverse backgrounds. Instead, they need to look at how well they support and empower those candidates through clear and objective means for professional growth.”

- Stephen Bailey, Co-Founder and CEO, ExecOnline
A parent is squatting slightly behind a toddler, supporting them as they stand and look around a yard with green grass.

Building Empathy in Children Takes Practice. Parents Can Help.

We’re big believers in empathy as a skill, not an inherent trait. While it can feel like a particularly hard time to foster empathy in kids, this article has some great tips for parents many of which can be used by grown-ups too.

“I think learning empathy is like playing an instrument or learning a sport. It's a lot about practice.”

- Richard Weissbourd, Director, Making Caring Common Project.
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What Will HR Look Like in 2030?

We think some of these things are already true, but if you’re looking for what’s next in Human Resources, SHRM has some interesting predictions. We’re particularly excited about the predicted increase in focus on teamwork and employee experience.

“We’re way too focused on shareholder return. We have to stop looking at employees as cost centers and look at them as an investment.”

- Keahn Gary, Senior Manager, Cognizant Center for the Future of Work.