Educators, facilitators, and parents use our toy kits to kickstart deep discussions. They unlock skills that are often overlooked or under-practiced in classrooms and workplaces: Empathy – Failure – Creative Dialogue – Collaboration

Look into each toy box and hold the abstract shapes in your hands.
You’ll find lesson and workshop ideas for you to harness the power of play.

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We're kickstarting empathy!

All through December 2013, we connected with educators and parents from around the world -- by way of a successful Kickstarter campaign to mass produce the Empathy Toy. By pre-ordering the toy through the campaign, these early fans made it possible to place our first bulk order for 1000 sets!

A huge thank-you to our Kickstarter
community who made it happen:

You can still pre-order your own toy. We’ve frozen the launch prices from the Kickstarter campaign until May 21st, so that more schools and parents can join the movement to bring a new approach to education. Go to our shop page and place your order today -- and you'll be included in our first shipment set to arrive in spring 2014.

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