The Empathy Toy® Training to Deliver Online Empathy Toy Workshops

$871 USD per person

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The Training to Delivery Online Empathy Toy® Workshops will provide you with the techniques and digital resource to lead highly impactful online workshops with the Empathy Toy.

Over the course of 3 highly interactive online sessions, you will experience a variety of online game scenarios for the Empathy Toy and will learn how these games can be used to explore a range of topics related to communication, collaboration, leadership, and innovation. Your training includes an opportunity to co-deliver a sample online workshop, and a follow-up feedback session to provide you with tailored advice as you begin leading your own online experiences.

Your Training to Deliver Online Empathy Toy® Workshops Includes:

  • 3 sessions ranging from 60-120mins each
  • Your own workshop slide building blocks to use and create your own Empathy Toy Online Workshop Slides
  • Online Digital Badge

Topics covered in training include:

  • Building blocks of an online Empathy Toy Workshop
  • Game variations that can be used to explore a variety of workshop themes
  • Discussion of contemporary thought leadership related to Empathy and Remote Work
  • Debrief strategies to ensure that your participants arrive at powerful insights

Ready to deliver your own Online Workshops?

  • After completing training, you can deliver your own Online Empathy Toy Workshops to your clients!
  • If your clients need toys, they can purchase our Empathy Toy Online Kit
  • This kit includes One Twenty One Toys Blindfold and 5 beautifully crafted wooden puzzle pieces (either maple or walnut), enough for 1 player to join an online play session.
  • Empathy Toy Online Kits cost $125USD plus shipping and are your clients' to keep.

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