The Empathy Toy® Facilitator Certification: Training Fee

$1,999 USD per person

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Facilitator Training and Certification is for facilitators who would like to deliver exceptional Online Empathy Toy Workshops to their clients.

Training to deliver these workshops includes interactive online training sessions with our expert facilitator team, the opportunity to deliver and receive feedback on a practice workshop, and access to a global facilitator community. Once you have completed your training, you will receive an official certification which grants you access to licensed materials and logistical support for every session you lead.

Training Modules:

Module 1: How to run your own Online Empathy Toy Workshop (3 hrs)
      • Learn gameplay and debrief fundamentals by experiencing them firsthand
      • Explore workshop materials and supports


Module 2: Let's Play! Sample workshop that you lead (2 hrs)
      • Deliver and receive feedback on your first online Empathy Toy workshop with support from the Twenty One Toys facilitation team and the other facilitators from your training cohort
      • Generate interest among your clients by inviting them to attend this session


Module 3: Cohort Learning Lab - Connecting Online Empathy Toy Workshops to your clients' needs (1.5 hrs)
      • Learn the subtle game variations that can be used to support a diverse range of workshop themes and goals
      • Receive personalized advice on how to position Online Empathy Toy Workshops for your clients


Module 4: Cohort Learning Lab - Upgrade your online facilitation techniques and connect with our global community (1.5 hrs)
      • Tips for engaging with your workshop participants beyond the end of their first workshop
      • Information about how to stay in touch with and leverage the global community of Empathy Toy facilitators

Workshop Licenses:

Workshop licenses provide official Twenty One Toys resources and supports for certified Empathy Toy facilitators. Workshop licenses may be purchased in bulk, or individually at the cost of $600 USD per license. Each license covers:


Workshop materials for up to 30 participants
      • 2 Empathy Toys shipped directly to participants to use in their workshop and keep afterwards
      • Digital Empathy Toys for the remainder of the participants to use
      • Gameplay and debrief slides
A Workshop Coordinator
      • Takes care of all pre-workshop logistics (including toy shipments, digital toy library, and group assignment)
      • Live tech and breakout room support up to 2hrs during workshop delivery

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