The Empathy Toy™ Facilitator's Guidebook for Empathy Training

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An extra copy of the guidebook that comes standard in the Empathy Toy Facilitator's Kit

Get the most out your Empathy Toy with the Facilitator's Guidebook for empathy training! You'll be generating rich discussions about the role of empathy and communication in the workplace, while unlocking insights for improved performance, smoother collaboration, and more authentic employee engagement – all through fun and engaging play sessions.

The Facilitator's Guidebook walks you through designing your own empathy games for training your team using a number of Empathy Toy game-play scenarios.

    • 52+ game scenarios on:
    • Effective Teamwork
    • Building Cross-Functional Teams
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Promoting Empathetic Leadership
    • Conflict Management

    Facilitator’s Guidebook Preview

    • The Future of Work is Human Page 3

    • Table of Contents Page 4

    • Empathy as the Foundation of Innovation Page 6

    • Toys as Tools for Facilitation Page 9

    • Workshop Themes: Collaborative CommunicationPage 54