The Empathy Toy™ At-Home Set

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A single Empathy Toy without guidebooks, for light play

Describing shapes with your eyes closed is tricky. Reading someone else's mind - that's the fun part.

Talking about Empathy can only get you so far – now you can flex that Empathy muscle through play-based learning! The Empathy Toy is now available for the whole family in our At-Home set. From a fun cottage game to a tool for deep discussions, this toy set will keep you talking and laughing for hours.

Comes with our Ways to Play map for designing your own listening skills games to play with your Empathy Toy.

1 toy set (10 pieces)
Ways to Play map with 9 plug-and-play game templates
3 blindfolds
1 drawstring bag
  • Ages 6 - 99
  • 1 Toy Set (10 pieces)
  • 3 – 10 players
  • 9+ game scenarios