The Empathy Toy™ Educator's Guidebook for Teaching Empathy

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An extra copy of the guidebook that comes standard in the Empathy Toy Teacher's Kit

A Foundational Learning Tool for K-12

Designed for educators across K-12, this guidebook for The Empathy Toy explores how practicing the skill of empathy helps us improve an array of other universal learning skills. With materials to engage in game lessons for Creative Dialogue, Teamwork & Collaboration, Autonomous Learning, and Making Real World Connections. The Educator’s Guidebook is a great resource for designing emotional intelligence games, critical thinking games, and team building games for students to play with your Empathy Toy kit.

    • Best for K - 12 educators
    • 52+ game scenarios on:
    • Creative dialogue
    • Teamwork & collaboration
    • Autonomous learning
    • Real world connections

    Educators’ Guidebook Preview

    • Empathy as the Foundation for Learning Page 3

    • Table of Contents Page 6

    • School Climate Applications for the Empathy Toy Page 14

    • Academic Applications for the Empathy Toy Page 16

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