The Empathy Toy: from Kindergarten to High School

The Educator's Sets of the Empathy Toy were designed with the help of the hundreds of educators who pioneered the toys in their classrooms. Here are some of their stories:

  1. Teacher

    Educational Consultant

    Stephen Hurley

  2. Conflict

    Gerald McShane Elementary School

    Carine Chenet

  3. Leadership
    & Teamwork

    Westmount High School

    Jeff Kosow

  4. Special Needs
    & Inclusion

    Managing Director Inspirations Newspaper

    Wendy Singer

  5. Sociology

    Continuing Education

    Elliot Kerr

  6. Language
    & Reasoning

    Sherwood Public School

    Karen Burwell

Educator’s Guidebook

  1. Empathy as the Foundation for Learning

    Page 3
  2. Table of Contents

    Page 6
  3. School Climate Applications for the Empathy Toy

    Page 14
  4. Academic Applications for the Empathy Toy

    Page 16