Position: Director of Sales & Business Development

Just 3.5 years into our toy-design startup, Twenty One Toys is making waves in K–12 classrooms, colleges,universities, and corporate HR departments. We are a small but quickly-growing team due to the incredible success of our award-winning, and transformational Empathy Toy – already in 43 countries, and featured in global publications like TIME, Forbes, Fast Company, and Huffington Post. Our mission is to build the world's first global community of toy educators and facilitators, and – with training dates already set for Switzerland, Washington, and Hong Kong – we're looking for a creative Director of Sales & Business Development to help us grow even further!

In a sometimes wacky and always fast-paced startup environment, we all find ourselves wearing many different elf-hats while helping to build a thriving toy company. Your experience will be no different – the role will be very versatile and will include: building distribution partner relationships, developing sales strategies for schools as well as mid-size and Fortune 500 firms, managing distinctive training solutions to our growing educator and facilitator ecosystem, building demand and brand recognition through speaking opportunities at global conferences and, in your spare time, you’ll be testing and informing new toy and game designs. Sound like fun?

We guarantee that the work will be challenging and that your opinions will matter. You’ll do best with an independent, entrepreneurial mindset and a willingness to do, fail, learn, repeat.

A bit about you:

You’re an excellent communicator – you’re great at writing quick yet charming emails, and equally good at crafting winning sales proposals. You’re committed to constantly moving things forward via whatever communication channel is required. You excel at building strong and lasting relationships, empathically listening to others, building targeted solutions that exceed stakeholders expectations, and as a result drive impressive sales growth and positive brand engagement.

You have experience developing sales strategies, and passionately leading a team to execute on those strategies. You love to make things happen by taking a vision and turning it into actionable steps that guide and motivate others to perform at their best. You hold yourself and your team accountable by using key metrics, deadlines, and budgets to measure progress. When things don’t go as planned, you’re the first to investigate, analyze, and suggest improvements.

You play well with others, can be quick with a well-timed joke, but are also equally humble and respectful. You are thoughtfully risk-positive, and motivated to create true positive impact in the world. You operate best in a can-do culture where everyone rolls up their sleeves, works hard, plays harder, and leaves their egos at the door.

Bonus points if:

  • You have experience in education or facilitation/corporate HR
  • You’re enthusiastic about toys and games, play-based learning, and social enterprise

Your experience includes:

  • Post-secondary experience and/or 3–5 yrs of industry experience or equivalent.
  • Startup experience: you have had success driving business development and client acquisitions in startups, and/or fast-paced, high-growth companies in their early years.
  • B2B business development capabilities: you’ve increased top line revenue by 20-30% in a year.
  • Exceptional sales experience: you have proven sales in the B2B environment, and repeatedly exceeded sales goals.
  • Relationship management: you can create & manage ongoing strategic relationships.
  • Building infrastructure: you can manage & set sales targets for yourself and the team.
  • Data analysis: you appreciate gaining insight from data analysis, and are curious to find correlations.
  • Playing well with others: bonus points for experience managing teams while fitting Simpsons quotes into conversation.
  • Elf-like work ethic: this ship only floats because of the dedication and persistence of our amazing team.

Tools you will use and learn:

  • HighRise: for managing customer relationships
  • Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager/MailChimp/Wistia: for data analysis
  • FreshBooks/Quickbooks: for invoicing, and finance tracking
  • Trello: for project management
  • Google Apps for Work: for email, spreadsheets, documents, drive
  • Slack: for internal team communication
  • Adobe InDesign/Photoshop: for occasionally editing our designed print and digital materials

What you will do specifically:

  • Report to the CEO and founder, and be responsible for creating and implementing business development and sales strategies for new and current clients. This includes:
    • Distribution partners
    • Key B2B clients in the education and corporate space
    • International facilitation and training partners
  • Work with our diverse team of designers, educators, facilitators, and coders to best support sales growth and development – identifying key metrics to measure and analyze in pursuit of sales goals.
  • This will include, at times, leading key members of the team through specific product launches, initiatives, and sales and marketing campaigns. This includes:
    • The launch of future toy products (such as the Failure Toy).
    • The launch of online training programs.
    • New workshop and training initiatives.

If this sounds like you...

If you can picture yourself happily and enthusiastically engaged in all of the above, we definitely want to hear from you! Please get in touch by emailing hireme@twentyonetoys.com. Include “Director of Sales & Business Development” somewhere in the subject line and send us:

  • Cover letter (attached, or a few crisp paragraphs) explaining why you’re interested in working for Twenty One Toys and why you’ll be great for this role.
  • A CV or your LinkedIn profile, and any other social media footprints you wish to share.
  • Your favourite youtube video or equivalent meme!

We are an equal opportunity employer and strongly support applications from diverse backgrounds and communities. Only candidates under consideration will be contacted.

Application due

June 21st, 2016

Start date

July 2016


Full-time salaried (40 hours/wk)
Probation period: 3mth on contract

*Hiring for this position has closed, but we are currently hiring:

Operations Assistant
Community Manager
Content Creator