Position: Community Manager

Just 3 years into our toy design startup, Twenty One Toys is making waves in schools, colleges and boardrooms. We’re a small but growing team committed to proving that play is a powerful tool for transforming how we work and how we collaborate – and we’re looking for a creative Community Manager to join our team!

In a sometimes wacky and always fast-paced startup environment, we all find ourselves wearing many different elf-hats while helping to assemble a thriving toy company. Your experience will be no different – the role will be very versatile, and a week’s activities could cover everything from: eagerly responding to customer inquiries, demonstrating the Empathy Toy (our flagship product) at a school, assisting with the production of training videos, brainstorming outreach strategies and creating insight reports, to hosting an online webinar, and testing out new toy and game designs.

We guarantee that the work will be challenging and that your opinions will matter. You’ll do best with an independent, entrepreneurial mindset and a willingness to do, fail, learn, repeat.

A bit about you:

You’re a great communicator – you craft clear and personable emails, you’re efficient and pleasant over the phone, and you’re both productive and downright charming in person. You empathize, listen, and get to the point quickly. You thrive in front of a crowd and are quick with a well-timed joke, but also equally humble and respectful.

You are organized, detail oriented, and eager to learn new tools to optimize your workflow. You’re genuinely interested in how someone’s weekend was, but are also cognizant of impending deadlines.

You’re thrilled by taking big abstract concepts and presenting them clearly. You get equally excited about taking notes, organizing data, and designing feedback loops to find out where we’re on the right track and where we have opportunities to improve. Hopefully you have experience in community building in or around the education system, and are familiar with the incredible advances and shifts that are happening locally and globally in the world of education.

Bonus points if:

  • You already have an active social media presence.
  • You’re enthusiastic about toys, play-based learning, and social enterprise.

Core skills you need:

  • Solid writing: not essays, but more of the emails, tweets, and newsletter-copy variety.
  • Public speaking experience: we want to put you in front of people; on stages and in videos.
  • Background in community building and engagement: we have existed so far purely on the power of word of mouth marketing from our amazing communities.
  • Passion for education: ideally you’ve worked in classrooms and/or with educators and/or in the maker-learning-revolution space.
  • Data nerd: you love gaining insight from data analysis, and are curious to find correlations.
  • Play well with others: bonus points for fitting Simpsons quotes into conversations.
  • Elf-like work ethic: this ship only floats because of the dedication and persistence of our team of elves.

Tools you will use and learn:

  • HighRise: for managing customer relationships.
  • FreshBooks: for invoicing, and finance tracking.
  • Google Apps for Work: for email, spreadsheets, documents, drive.
  • Adobe InDesign: for editing our designed print and digital materials.
  • MailChimp: for email communications with our communities.

What you will do specifically:

  • We get a medley of emails each day with questions from all over the world. You will be their first point of contact via email or phone to answer their questions, address their needs, and build relationships!
  • Working with our team on copy & content for print & digital materials, campaigns, events, and videos.
  • Coordinating with participants on our workshops and training days, in Canada and overseas.
  • Interviewing guest speakers for our monthly webinar series, live on Google Hangouts.
  • Demos at schools, programs and conferences (some coming up: Enterprise Toronto, Agile4Play).
  • Creating weekly insight reports to track customer insights, and effectiveness of various campaigns.

Alright, then:

If you can picture yourself happily and enthusiastically engaged in any or all of the above, we definitely want to hear from you! Please get in touch by emailing hireme@twentyonetoys.com. Include “Community Manager” somewhere in the subject line and send us:

  • No cover letters, please. One or two crisp paragraphs about yourself right in the email will do.
  • A CV or your LinkedIn profile, and any other social media footprints you wish to share.
  • Up to 3 samples of your writing (think tweets, emails, blog posts, newsletter copy).
  • Your own personal blend of: a joke, a poem, the blueprints to your spaceship, or a flash mob idea... would be much appreciated!

We are an equal opportunity employer and strongly support applications from diverse backgrounds and communities. Only candidates under consideration will be contacted.


*Please note: this position has been filled, but we're now looking for a Director of Sales & Business Development!

Start date

Beginning of September, 2015


Min. 6 mth contract (40 hours/wk)
intending to become permanent

Application due

August 31st, 2015