The Empathy Toy

1-Day Training

$800 USD

Want a more hands-on, in-depth experience with the Empathy Toy? Take our 1-day training

During the session at our downtown Toronto office, you'll apply design methodologies to prototype Empathy Toy applications that fit your unique needs. Designed to be both highly creative and very practical, this training will arm you with the hands-on support that you need to apply your own Empathy Toy workshops and lessons!

This full-day of training is broken down into two sections:

Immersion: During the first half of the day, a Twenty One Toys facilitator will take you through the Empathy Toy fundamentals, building blocks, various game setups, case studies, and debrief discussions.

Design: During the second half of the day you will collaborate with Twenty One Toys to prototype Empathy Toy workshop ideas that fit the unique needs of your clients. After you leave the training, you will have multiple opportunities to test and iterate on these ideas with support from our community.

  • An Empathy Toy Facilitator’s Kit This kit contains enough toys for groups up to 20, plus resources to help you design Empathy Toy sessions for a variety of workshop themes and audiences.
  • Intro to empathetic design Apply design methodologies to prototype Empathy Toy applications that fit the unique needs of your clients.
  • Workshop materials You will receive slides that make it easy to introduce and explain the Empathy Toy to your clients.
  • Supplemental resources Access a collection of thoughtfully curated videos and articles that explore a range of topics relating to empathy, innovation and the world of work.
  • Follow-up consultation Ask questions and receive customized feedback on your workshop ideas in a 21-minute call or Skype with a Twenty One Toys facilitator.
  • Discounts on Empathy Toys Grow your Empathy Toy toolkit using the discount code reserved for trained Empathy Toy facilitators.

Originally designed for visually impaired students to play with their sighted classmates, the Empathy Toy has won numerous awards and evolved into a robust learning tool designed for educators, facilitators, and students of all abilities as they move through K–12, post-secondary, and into the workforce. First featured on TEDx, the Empathy Toy is already in hundreds of schools in over 43 countries.