Sudbury Valley School

I was just recently introduced to the Sudbury Valley School. founded in 1968 in Framingham, Massachusetts, the schools is a very interesting approach to learning and education where students from Pre-Kindergarten through to high school decide what they will learn and work on everyday. The school is democratically run and students vote on all aspects of their school life including hiring and firing of staff. Feel free to watch this 10 minute clip from It's a nicely produced video but if you don't mind a less visually appealing video with more information please check out the trailer for New American School House at this link.

I have many questions, including how their progression and success are monitored and evaluated. Also, at what point do these students have to conform to standardized testing in order to get into University? The videos bring up some really interesting points and I think this sort of thinking is very much in touch with the way people are now independently learning. I could see some parents being concerned, however, that their child is spending too much time in the park with Jimmy and not enough time thinking about their future. With the right role models, drive and inspiration this type of schooling could make some very incredible adults. More on the Sudbury Valley Schools...

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