Startup Camp Montreal 6

We attended the 6th annual Startup Camp Montreal this year. A great conference for the Montreal Startup community. There were talks by some very interesting speakers including Dave McClure from 500 Hats, with an impressive resume working with a number of companies including PayPal, Mint, Founders Fund, Facebook, LinkedIn, among others. Dave spoke of the "love-hate" dynamics of business and warned of the dangers of creating something no one cares about. Kathy Sierra, co-creator of the bestselling Head First books and creator of the blog Creating Passionate Users gave a talk about reaching out to consumers who care and using audacity to push limits. The evening was very entertaining highlighted by one talk from Andy Nulman "How to Entrepreneur" which ended in a volunteer from the audience imitating a bird to get out of some awkward negotiations. Check out the attached photos for a look at the space. Montreal really has an active and passionate startup community!

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