An eye opening weekend in Northern Quebec!!

Bitnorth is an eclectic, informal weekend conference held in the Northern woods of Quebec. Primarily for the technology community but open to anyone, Bitnorth is a gathering of a diverse group of people with one thing in common: if you attend, you have to present. All of this combined with the background of the beautiful Lake Macdonald as well as no internet or cell phone coverage made for a relaxing and exciting weekend. The 2010 conference; entitled Human 2.0 focused on "How humans and machines are merging as never before". While other talks ranged from "The Impact of Improv on Innovation", "Informal Education in the Internet Age" to a brief history of Nordic Black Metal, we discussed how toys can be used as tools for communication. We presented a video and then held a demonstration involving two grown men dressed up as a two headed unicorn while solving one of our puzzles (using only their words). Hilarity ensued...

MUCH THANKS and APOLOGIES to Hooman and Alistair!

The shirt we brought for the presentation was a wee bit too small.

To see more, there are some gorgeous photographs posted by Flickr Eva Blue and Flickr ACroll For a more details on the presentations please take a look at the Human 2.0 Bitnorth 2010 post

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