Teaching at Shad Valley

We're back in Canada!!

Teaching at Shad Valley Carleton

We had an incredibly enriching time over in Europe, got involved in many interesting projects (will post about it more formally in the coming weeks) and we are now off on a summer adventure!! For the month of July we will be working at Shad Valley at Carleton University. Mentoring and teaching the young "leaders of tomorrow" in a program devoted to the entrepreneurial spirit and introducing some of the top high school students across Canada to the exciting world of social innovation. While there we will be having a workshop with the CONNEXIONS™ toy and plan on learning just as much as we are teaching.

A bit more about Shad Valley (from their site)

"For 30 years, Shad Valley has provided over 11,000 students with some of the most challenge, fun and inspiration they've ever experienced... Shad Valley is a not-for-profit educational organization that is based upon the values of creativity, excellence, community, diversity, and responsibility. Participants are high potential senior high school students, selected for their remarkable academic capabilities, as well as their community involvement, and creativity."


Just announced, Ilana Ben-Ari will be presenting at this years International Startup Fest in Montreal on July 14th. (scroll and you'll find her on the bottom row!! This one's going to be a doozy...)

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