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The business of startups

Twenty One Toys presented at this years International Startup Festival in Montreal, Quebec. "The International Startup Festival is a three-day conference (July 13th-15th, 2011) on the business of startups. It brings together industry veterans and fresh faces, thought leaders and technology giants from around the world, for a series of lean, fast-paced events. It includes startup launches, inspiring keynotes, and deep-dives into hot sectors like mobility, social networking, and gaming. A great mix of conference and fun for all involved" We got a fantastic opportunity to present the CONNEXIONS toy for empathy and creative dialogue, AND we also got to tie up Phil Telio and Dave McClure (of 500 Startups) as a two-headed unicorn. They not only completed the puzzle correctly, they also accomplished it while drinking beer and finally ripping the shirt in two. Take a look at some highlight photos:

There is also a wonderful video of the entire day event (you can see us presenting at the 00:38 mark).

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